Customized Business Solutions

In Project Management & Execution , Strategic Marketing and Property Tax Rendition Programs..

Tailored training programs

For clients and professional associations through workshops and seminars.

Multicultural and Multilingual Team

Delivered outstanding results to clients in North and Latin America.

Welcome to Verus Energy Corp.



Unlike major consulting firms, we are highly specialized in our practice and provide advice that addresses specific problems or aspects of your business . The goal is to improve each client company's efficiency and profits.


Verus Energy is an agile organization that creates effective solutions and are able to resolve business issues more quickly than large consulting firms.


The fees that we charge are often lower than those charged by the larger firms, because we have lower operating costs and fewer consultants on staff.

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Professional Business Solutions & Consulting

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Professional Consulting Services

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229 Cipres Ave, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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