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Opportunity and market assessment:

Our core competency relies on assessing and segmenting the market for your specific opportunity, enabling a strong market-pull for your products and creating the highest value possible. We dive deep into our customer’s markets and maintain ongoing knowledge of changes in technology, regulation, industry trends, and market fundamentals. Taking into account external market factors and internal resources, we identify areas to focus efforts for new business launch. We create a value map within your industry, which enables us to set a clear value proposition strategy for your new products or services.

Marketing Strategy for New Product Launches:

Having a solid value proposition created via market-pull assessment will not sell itself. Taking products to market successfully requires a tailored go-to-market plan in order to maximize commercial success. Verus works closely with our clients to develop a commercialization plan involving all functional areas within the company. Pre and post launch marketing and communication plan as well as risk assessments will enhance your team’s ability to deliver a win.

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International Business Services

Our multicultural and multilingual team has delivered outstanding results to clients in North and Latin America.

We have contributed to clients' success with customized business solutions.

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